MARCH 22, 2019

Welcome to the HCNA website.

HCNA is the venue through which Drs. Barry Dorn and Leonard Marcus work with private medical centers, health associations, medical groups, hospitals, and organizations dealing with complex multi-dimensional problems.

For twenty years, we have been teaching, training, speaking, mediating, and consulting together as partners. The content we deliver is the fruit of that extensive experience, collaboration, and friendship.

Though most web sites laud the products and services of their enterprise, ours lets others do the talking – while you do the walking. You will find here brief descriptions of what we do with links to other web sites: organizations and people with whom we have worked, reports on our contributions, our own scholarly writing, and video snippets that let you see us in action.

As you will discover, we relish the work we do, the people with whom we work, and the opportunity to make a difference in health care.

So, enjoy the clicking. And if we can be of service to you or your organization, please do be in touch.

Lenny and Barry

What We Do:

Negotiation   *   Meta-Leadership   *   Conflict Resolution   *   Teaching


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