MARCH 22, 2019

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What Clients Say About Us

"Lenny Marcus is one of the top-rated speakers for the American College of Physician Executives. Praised for his thought-provoking presentations, Marcus has a strong command of his subject matter and offers insights and information on collaboration and cooperation using excellent platform skills."
Tracy Kennard, Director of OnSite Development
American College of Physician Executives

"HCNA understood our situation right away and moved us to a resolution very quickly."
William Loveday, CEO
Clarian Health Partners, Inc.

"Health Care Negotiation Associates has been an invaluable resource for our organization and especially for me in my role as vice president of leadership development. HCNA has provided training sessions for trustees, physician leaders, and senior executives at Holy Cross Health System. They have tailored their work to serve the specific needs of diverse groups such as senior executives, physician practice managers, and physicians who serve as trustees or medical staff leaders. Their methodology is solid and flexible."
Peter Giammalvo, Ph.D.
Vice President, Leadership Development
Holy Cross Health System

"Dr. Marcus really connected with our group. His presentation was the highlight of the meeting."
John Andrews, Senior Marketing Manager
Pharmedica Communications, Inc.

"HCNA consultants are the knowledge experts on negotiation in health care. They are energetic and interesting speakers/trainers and skillful consultants/negotiators/mediators. We’ve seen them work with individuals and groups to identify their needs and help them reach the outcomes they desire. They work extremely well with physicians and are among our best hope in health care for resolving the tension and conflict among the various stakeholders."
Jill Steinbruegge, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Executive Director for Physician Development
Kaiser Permanente

"HCNA was brought in during a difficult period to provide interim leadership for our flagship hospital. Within a short time, they stabilized things and recruited a permanent CEO. HCNA was a godsend."
Stephen A. William, President & CEO
Norton Healthcare

"The best compliment I can give HCNA is that I would use their services again."
Ronald Battista, President
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

"The President of the Medical Staff is a complex role in health care today. We asked HCNA to work with us to mediate a long-standing issue involving members of the medical staff and the Hospital. Bringing in a knowledgeable and neutral third party with a solid understanding of health care was just what we need to do to work through the problem. HCNA was able to improve communication and meet our short timeline to produce results."
Linda Hertzberg, M.D.
Past President of the Medical Staff
Saint Agnes Hospital, Fresno, CA.

"HCNA worked with us to restructure the medical staff to work more efficiently. In the process, we had to balance many different personalities and perspectives. HCNA guided the process and achieved agreement in a relatively short time. As a merged entity, there were a lot of factors to consider. HCNA also worked with administration to assure we could implement the plan."
A. Howard Stone, M.D.
President of the Medical Staff
Northeast Health System

"Barry Dorn is one of those rare individuals who can immediately identify the true central issues in any dispute, understand the positions and motivations of the respective parties, and at the same time has the exceptional ability to help the parties find common ground so they are able to agree to a resolution of the problem."
Al Adelman, Esq.
Goddard, West and Adelman
Bethesda, MD

"HCNA initially worked with our institution during a time of great change. The hospital had just been reorganized and the CEO left. HCNA facilitated a board retreat that enabled The Board to better define the characteristics we needed in a CEO and to establish some short-term goals. HCNA has continued to work with the Board providing education and building physician relations. HCNA is thorough, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. It’s great to have such expertise come on site for the entire board’s participation rather than having just a few board members go to a conference."
Ernest R. Sutton, Chairman
Albemarle Hospital

"Barry Dorn has been a speaker for the Governance Institute for quite awhile. I am delighted to be able to refer organizations to HCNA when they are looking for a knowledgeable speaker or facilitator. HCNA is always responsive and my clients have been pleased with the outcomes."
Jim Rice, President
Governance Institute

"In his engaging presentation at the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management 2001 Annual Conference, Leonard Marcus proved to be an ideal guide for "A Walk in the Woods". His collaborative problem-solving strategies resonated with our profession's mission to balance patient and care-giver needs. His strategies were well received by an audience with high standards. His style was warm and entertaining, while his message hit home, encouraging health care professionals to look at new ways to approach situations that may appear insoluble."
Elizabeth Summy
Executive Director
American Society For Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM)
Chicago, IL


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