MARCH 22, 2019

Conflict Resolution


The pace of health system change requires people who can mold different professions, departments, and expertise into a coherent and effective operation.

What HCNA brings you:
Drs. Lenny Marcus and Barry Dorn – along with their colleagues Dr. Isaac Ashkenazi and Joseph Henderson - coined the term "Meta-leadership." Meta-leaders are leaders of leaders, building influence well beyond their authority. The five dimensions of meta-leadership practice build upon:

  1. Your personal capacity for emotional intelligence
  2. Your analytic strength for situational awareness
  3. Your talent for building loyalty among your reports
  4. Your sensitivity in leading your boss
  5. Your ability to weave connectivity of purpose and action across the many departments, organizations, and people who are part of your system.
Build meta-leadership into the strategy for change and cross-cutting culture of your organization.

How does it work?
Feature the Meta-Leadership for an on-sight training seminar, a retreat theme, or a conference keynote session.

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