MARCH 22, 2019

Conflict Resolution

Teaching - We design the program for you!

How does a seminar, training, retreat, or keynote speech work?

A speech, talk or seminar can range from one hour to a full day or even a full week.

Negotiation and meta-leadership training usually lasts longer, often a half day to a day, and if it fits your schedule, an in-depth instructional program can last two days up to five.

The shorter seminars and talks provide an introduction to the ideas and practices of health care negotiation, meta-leadership, and conflict resolution.

The longer seminars do that and in addition, give participants the opportunity to practice what they have learned and receive in the moment feedback from Drs. Dorn or Marcus.

Focusing a staff, board, or organizational retreat around the negotiation and meta-leadership theme provides a powerful backdrop for problem solving, proactive innovative planning and strategy, and improved meta-leadership and integration across departments or organizations.

In their keynote speeches, Barry and Lenny are instructional, inspirational, humorous, and thought provoking. Whether as an exciting opening to a meeting, a rousing way to end, or an uplifting theme in the middle, the two have delighted audiences large and small with their stories, lessons, guidance, and insights into the challenges and opportunities for health care today.

Lenny and Barry believe people learn best when they are engaged, laughing, provoked, and moved. They pepper each of their talks with an abundance of each.

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You decide the length of the program. You delineate the number of people and the venue. Then we work with you to mold the content and format in line with your programmatic and organizational objectives.


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