FEBRUARY 20, 2019

  Barry C. Dorn, M.D.
Leonard J. Marcus, Ph.D.
  Fran Lipson, M.Ed.
Eric J. McNulty.

Fran Lipson, M.Ed.


Fran Lipson brings to HCNA a wealth of experience in health care human resource management and labor relations, as well as line operations management.

Prior to joining HCNA, Ms. Lipson spent several years as the National Health Care Practice Leader for an international organizational and management consulting firm. She was responsible for both the national and regional practices providing consulting and project management services.

Ms. Lipson was Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Corporate Services for a greater Boston Medical Center. Ms. Lipson was responsible for a corporate wide organization turnaround and more specifically, a cultural transformation from a highly unionized workforce not attuned to customer satisfaction, to one highly sensitive to both total quality and customer needs. She was involved in a patient focused care re-engineering effort that involved clinical, support and business functions being deployed to the patient care units. In addition, Ms. Lipson managed the corporate public relations, marketing, patient relations, and support functions of the entire organization.

Ms. Lipson has twenty-seven (27) years of senior-level management experience that includes several mergers and consolidations, rightsizings and re-engineering efforts. She has managed major labor disruptions, acquired physician practices and developed new strategic business units. She has conducted employee opinion surveys, managed cultural assessments, transformed education into a corporate wide function, managed quality efforts, negotiated labor contracts and arbitrations, coordinated cultural diversity efforts and reduced cost in the worker’s compensation arena. She has extensive experience in working with physician practices with emphasis on human relations and organizational structure and culture.

Fran served as President of the Massachusetts Healthcare Human Resources Administration (MHHRA) and is a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award for the American Society for Health Care Human Resources Administration. Fran is a frequent speaker for state and national organizations. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in Social Work and her graduate degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.



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